Dear Old World

from by jon ji

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The subtitle of this song is “A love letter to a world that never was.” It’s about that fantasy that things were better in some previous time. And perhaps in some ways they were, and others they weren’t. But the idea of this time past in our minds is so seductive, if i could go back to the place in my mind, i would. Or maybe it’s a fantasy world that we have to create here and now.


Strap me in your flying time machine
send me back to where the grass is green
cuz here i stumble always out of step
my face full of lines filled with my regrets

send me back to when jazz was king
and they danced all night and rag jumped swing
and the trumpet the preacher hallelujah till morn
and the band the choir everybody get born

dear old world
i send a letter to you
by parcel post
and i hope it gets through
why has this world
abandoned me?
everybody’s lost
and gone crazy

dear old world
i’ve reached the end of the line
this train is out of service
and we can’t rewind
but, dear old world,
now old becomes new
because in my heart
i’ll keep dreaming of you

a machine was a thing with moving parts
and blowing smoke rings was a fine art
the ladies with style, grace and class
and oh, how them flappers could shake that sass

before the rock rolled and crushed all just too slow
before the children rose and ate up the globe
before the tube came making us shallow and vain
but, it’s an old song it’s the same refrain



from Dear Old World EP, released January 18, 2014




jon ji San Diego, California

cowboy bebop and gypsy crawl. django meets dylan, both dylans.

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